Are You A Recruiting Taker Or Giver? [Inbound Recruiter Trainer]

Hello and good day!

In this VLOG (Video Blog) Brian, your Inbound Headhunter discusses a book he is starting to ready by Adam Grant, A Revolutionary Approach To Success, “Give And Take”…


So far so good, but I wanted to share some upfront key point about the book, which attempts to shatter the myth, that greed is the path to success in life.

I have ALWAYS been a giver in my life, BUT, I have also EXPECTED things or compliments in return, which I am NOT proud to admit!

No MORE!  I want to be a giver PERIOD, and expect nothing in return…


So the premise of the book is there are three type of people:

  • MATCHERS (Combination of Giver and Taker)


Which one are you?  Which one would people close to you think you are?

What if, how you thought about yourself, was different from what people thought about you?

How would that make you feel?  Likely not very good, and I expect that would be the case, because authenticity is not a normal function of our culture.

What is actually so amazing, is the new leaders in our world are more often, GIVERS… Which will shatter some corporations in the coming years.  Don’t thinks so, as BLOCKBUSTER Video…

I trust you will like the video and book, and expect to see a review in the coming days…

Inbound Recruiter, Inbound Headhunter, Inbound Recruiter Trainer

Until we connect online or offline, enJOY your days!

Your Inbound Recruiter, 


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