How To Get Motivated On A Monday [Inbound Recruiter Trainer] Hey there friend!

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I trust all is well and your past weekend was good!

In this VLOG, (Video Blog) Brian, your Inbound Headhunter discusses one extraordinary way to get motivated, and set you intentions for your work week, and especially on Mondays, In a way that services your customers and your personal/company goals. (HINT: RECIPROCITY)

If I struggle to get motivated, which is not very often, Monday and Friday are typically the days I need to focus extra hard to ultimately achieve the results I want on any given day, week, or month, etc.

After you watch the video, check out the card/gift service (full disclosure: affiliate link) I use if you are looking to get an edge on your INFLUENCE and PERSUASION skills.

The service I use is sendoutcards. (full disclosure: affiliate link)

Until we connect online or offline, enJOY your days!

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Blessings from your Inbound Recruiter,



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