Up To 120k Storage Product Marketing Manager [Storage Recruiter]

http://www.johnstonsearch.com/blog/ Hello and TGIF!

In this J-VLOG, Brian, your Data Storage Headhunter discusses new Product Marketing search.

Link to post: http://www.johnstonsearch.com/blog/bid/82947/Up-To-120k-Storage-Product-Marketing-Manager-Storage-Recruiter

Title:  Data Storage Product Marketing Manager

Location: Milpitas, CA

Salary:  Up to 120k (Jr/Mid-Level opportunity for rapid growth!!!)


  • Define Product strategy, life-cycle and customer road-map.
  • Scalable storage platform experience.
  • Enterprise backup/recovery accomplishments.
  • 1-3 years in Product Marketing or Technical Marketing.
  • MBA preferred

If this is you, please send resume to info@johnstonsearch.com, and if this is not you, I am offering 1k referral bonus. (Help a friend!)

Until we connect online or offline, enJOY your day!

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Your Data Storage Headhunter Expert,





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