Up To 142k Senior Storage Systems Engineer [Data Storage Recruiter]

http://www.johnstonsearch.com/blog Hello and good day!  In this J-VLOG (Job Video Blog) Brian, your Data Storage Headhunter, discusses your exciting details, and specifications.

Link to post: http://www.johnstonsearch.com/blog/bid/82597/Up-To-142k-Senior-Storage-Systems-Engineer-Data-Storage-Recruiter

Title:  Principal Data Storage Systems Engineer

Location:  Fremont, CA

Salary:  Up to 146k


    You love Data Storage/Server Systems, and Disk Drives. (HDD)
    You influence customers with your authenticity!
    Systems level testing that is impeccible.
    Finding failure and root cause is your specialty.
    You are considered a storage subject matter expert (ISCSI, FIBRE, SAS, NAS, etc)
    You have more than 10 years supporting Tier I OEM customers.

Is this you? Then, I would like to hear from you… (brian AT johnstonsearch DOT com)

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If this is not you? Then we are offering 2k referrals (1k normally) in February.

Until we connect online or offline, enJOY your day!

Your Data Storage Recruiter,




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