(5) Data Storage Engineering Jobs Nationwide [Data Storage Recruiter]

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In this Job Video Blog (JVLOG) Brian, your trusted Data Storage Recruiter discusses 5+ new urgent jobs!

**For remainder of February, we are offering double (2k) our referral bonus-Ka-Ching!**

    Storage “Systems” Software Engineers (2), Parsippany, NJ or Broomfield, CO, (Snapshots, Replication, High-Availability, etc)
    Data Storage “Software” Program Manager, Southern, CA, (Fibre, ISCSI, FCoE/Ethernet)
    Senior Manager, OEM Storage System Engineering, Northern, CA (Storage systems, and Sustaining of Storage Products)
    Senior Principal Storage Software Engineer, Northern, CA, (C++, Fibre, ISCSI, SAS, Snapshot, Mirroring, Replication, etc.)
    Senior Storage Engineer, Colorado Springs, CO, (“C”, Escalations Engineering/Development, Fibre, SAS, SCSI, etc.)

Is this you or a colleague?  If so, I would LOVE to hear from you!  (info@johnstonsearch.com or 619 861 8653)

To your success….

Your Data Storage Recruiter,




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