Inbound Recruiter Testimonial: GetUWired Small Business Web Marketing

Hey friends, I trust all is good, and your 2013 is kicking off without a hitch!

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In this VLOG, Brian, your trusted Inbound Recruiter Trainer, reviews a web marketing services provider our firm is using GETUWIRED.

Being a TOP recruiter is not good enough any longer.  

Our clients and candidates want more from the recruiting industry. 

They want to be educated, and they want to enter into a relationship before they give up their time, money, email, resume, etc.

The “Platinum Rule” applies to our Industry:  “Treat Others As They Want To Be Treated” (NOT how you want to be treated)

The shift in the global marketplace is real, and I trust you are jumping on board. 

This site, Inbound Recruiter is dedicated to your Social Technology Recruiting success!!!

What has GETUWIRED done for Me: (and will for you)

  • Transformed my BORING message (marketing) into DYNAMIC message.
  • Transformed my BORING website into DYNAMIC site.
  • Transformed my BORING brand into a DYNAMIC brand.
  • And so much more…. (Exciting stuff coming end of Q1 2013)


I wanted to share with you, and personally thank the GETUWIRED staff, Lee, Dobbin, Melissa and team.  Simply put, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

To you Inbound Headhunter success,



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