No Storm Lasts Forever Review – Dr Terry Gordon [Inbound Recruiter] Hello and Happy 2013!

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I trust yours is kicking off with a bang!!!

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In this VLOG, Brian, your Inbound Recruiter Trainer reviews a book by Dr. Terry Gordon, “No Storm Last Forever, Transfering Suffering Into Insight.”

Key Inbound Recruiter book takeaways:

    Be strong.
    Have fortitude.
    Recruiters ups and downs are for a reason.
    Book will help you cope personally.
    Book will help you cope professionally. (As a recruiter/sales professional)
    Life is precious.
    Everything has an intelligent design, TRUST and ALLOW.

One statement I keep on my desk is this saying… “This Too Shall Pass”

I trust you will like the book, and please send me a note or comment if you have any questions, ok?

Until we connect online or offline, make it a great day!

Your Inbound Recruiter,



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