Google+ Communities for Recruiters Review [Inbound Recruiter] Hello and good day!  In this VLOG, Brian, your Inbound Recruiter Trainer reviews, and I “like” it.

Link to post:

Having launched early last month, I wanted to spend some time over the holiday to check out the features, and how it might benefit you, the recruiter in the trenches everyday.

Having done a webinar sponsored on recruiting trends last year, G+ for recruiters, I wanted to keep you in the loop!

Key takeways/google+ for recruiters:

Public AND private communities
Engage in topics of your interest
G+ AND Youtube = high organic rankings
Social interactions for your brand or brands
Facebook is losing it’s luster as we become niched and segemented in our communities.

Have you checked it out?  What are you thought and observations? (Please comment below)

Your Inbound Recruiter Trainer,


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