Build Your Recruiter Good Will With A Contest! [Inbound Recruiter]

Hello and good day friends!

After you watch this VLOG (Video Blog) I trust you will incorporate contests or raffles into your content/marketing/blog schedule to build good will with your fans! (Reciprocity)

 On October, 24th my firm,  Johnston Search, INC. celebrated our 6th year anniversary.

I created a blog, thanking my clients/candidates/friends/fans for the continued support, and offered a $100 gift certificate to AMAZON for writing a comment on the VLOG, and spread the content to my sphere of influence.

Well, after over 100 comments, and great feedback from customers and candidates it ended up such a great way to ENGAGE. (family/friends, etc.) So, I wanted to share with you, so you swipe this strategy at your desk, and continue to build good will with your prospects…. KA-CHING!!!

Note:  I DID NOT try to pitch or sell ANYTHING in this VLOG post… (very important)

Anyhow, I trust you like this post, and will take action at your Inbound Recruiter desk surrounding opportunities to build good will with your valuable list!

What do you think?  Any good ideas to build good will with your prospects?

Your Inbound Headhunter,


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