Great Recruiting Day To Engage: Your Birthday [Inbound Recruiter]

Hello and good day ya’ll!

Well today is my 41st Birthday today, and I wanted to share some Inbound Recruiter principles you can swipe from me for your next Birthday!

First and foremost, the purpose of this site to to assist recruiters in new/social media. (Get Found/Convert/Analyze)  If you want to learn X’s and O’s of recruitment I suggest, Scott Love, Bill Radin, or Lou Adler.

If you want more details about these topics, you can also read my Headhunter and Headhunted book on AMAZON.

Ok, so now back to your Birthday.  This is a great way to engage with your fans, audience, and prospects, because they will be reaching out to you.   The biggest mistake you will make is if you allow someone to reach out to you, and you don’t thank your peeps for being cool to you on your B-DAY!

Bottom line:  take this opportunity to connect with friends and fans!

Last year, I won the #1 article for 2011 on the Fordyce Letter,, and it was an outstanding honor.  The reason why I bring this up in thie post, is I used a similiar strategy as I am using today, which is ENGAGE with your prospects.   I wrote the article, and drove a TON of traffic to the article, which prompted, A LOT of comments (good/bad), and BINGO!

In closing, I hope you liked this VLOG and content.  To be specific, when you have exposure in the new/social media era we are in, you MUST TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR OPPORTUNITIES TO GET FOUND AND BE NOTICED!

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Until we connect online or offline, enJOY your day!

Your Inbound Recruiter Trainer,



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