VLOG: Amazon.com: Anita Moorjani Kindle Book Review [Inbound Recruiter]

http://www.johnstonsearch.com/inbound-recruiter-blog/ In this Amazon Kindle Book review, Brian, your inbound recruiter trainer, reviews the book “Dying To Be Me”, by Anita Moorjani.

This book was great!

In the book Anita explains her journey from cancer to near death, to true healing.

How does it relate to sales and recruitment?

It relates because I believe most sales professionals are truly lost in this “new economy”, and what I learned was that I not only need to be my true authentic self, it is MANDATORY to achieve the long term personal/professional success I am yearning for, and I know you are too!

This book will help you discover what your place in this world is, and what you need to do about it now.

“I Had The Choice To Come Back… Or Not. I Chose To Return When I Realized The “Heaven” Is A State, Not A Place…”

Please let me know what you think?

Until we connect online or offline, allow your day to flow…

Your Inbound Recruiter,



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