How To Create A Perfect Recruiting Desk [Inbound Recruiter]  Hello and good day!  In this video, Brian your inbound recruiter trainer discusses tips to create your perfect recruiting desk!

BLOCK TIME:   With all the distractions ready to rob your time and energy, you must create a daily outline, work the plan, and finish your day strong

BEING PRESENT:  As recruiters, we are looked up to for advice, so we to make make sure we bring energy, focus, and enthusiasm to every single connection. (Be in the now)

YOUR UNIQUE VOICE:   “Old skool” recruiters will attempt to that recruiting is an exact science, which a agree with, BUT you have to bring your unique voice (ART) to each and every conversation, objection, etc. (Phone scripts are for telemarketers)

BE A HEARTFELT LEADER:  Have confidence in your accomplishments, and the ability to influence/persuade people requires confidence. (NOT COCKY)  Be an effective LEADER!

OUTSOURCE:  Your activity should be 100% revenue generating activity.  Do yourself a favor and hire a virtual assistant.  (It will pay itself off)

What do you think of these tips to create your perfect recruiting desk?  What would you add? (Your comment below is not expected, but insanely appreciated!)

Until we connect online or offline, enJOY your day!

Your Inbound Recruiter,



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