Finding the Hidden Jobs on Social Media-JobsMiner [Inbound Recruiter Trainer] In this VLOG, Brian, your inbound recruiter discusses new social media recruiting search tool.  You must check this out if you choose to compete.

Found lead from Todd Raphael’s article on ERE:

Social Media Recruiting Tool:

Key takeaways:

82% of jobseekers use social networks.
22 million job seekers used online social networks to find their last job.
Social media networking is people oriented, whereas job boards and job search engines are object oriented.
48 percent of all job seekers have performed at least one social job hunting activity on Facebook in the last year.
30 % of Google searches are job related, numbering 226 million per month.
Job seekers use social media for an average of five hours per week.


Do you believe this?  

Jobsminer may or may not be the recruiting search tool of choice for the future, BUT they are on to something huge!

Please comment if you have an opinion on this VLOG, tool, etc.?

Until we connect online or offline, MAKE it an enJOYable day!

Your Inbound Recruiter,



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