Top Recruiters Getting The Most Out Of A Blog [Inbound Recruiter]

I trust you are having a great day.

In this VLOG (Video Blog) Brian, your inbound headhunter discusses a blog post he was featured in at (Thank you John!)

John Kreiss ( ), a fellow recruiting colleague, discusses (3) recruiters who blog frequently, and the benefits., so please check out the post.

He states, “Ask one of these recruiters what they think. If it didn’t work, I don’t think they’d take the time to do it.” BINGO!!! The answer to the question is simple… NO, I would not blog if it did not help me get found, convert traffic into customers, and ultimately revenue into my company. (Recruiting fees, books sales, etc.)

As of yesterday, and a globally recognized journalist, with a recruiting/staffing publication reached out to me to do a webinar on Google+ Recruiting (G+ Recruiting).

Your darned right, I will be doing the webinar in May with an audience of hundreds, if not thousands of recruiters baby!!!

So please check out the article, and get inspired to share your recruiting story with the world, because we need your story, we want your story… (I want your story)

What do you think of this article? What do you think of recruiting for your recruiter business or desk?

Until we connect online or offline, make it a great day!
Your Inbound Recruiter,

Blessings, Brian-


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