Amazon Book Launch: “Headhunter and Headhunted” [Inbound Recruiter] Hello and good day!

In this VLOG (Video Blog), Brian, with Johnston Search, your “Inbound Recruiter” is launching his first book today, and titled…

“Headhunter and Headhunted…How to Get Found and Sell Your Product or Service Online”

You may or may not have noticed already, but my firm has gone through a transformation in recent years, and we believe we are on the “bleeding edge” of the innovation that is happening in the global market place in regards to commerce of your products and services.

It’s obvious that you’re realizing that you need to change some or all of your strategy to stay competitive in an ever changing, ultra competitive global market place.

In this book you will learn, How to get found online, How to convert your readers into subscribers, your subscribers into sales, and how to analyze how your website and blog are converting, and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Link to Book:

Note: This book is only available digitally (Saves trees + Jet/Diesel fuel for distribution)

If you have a kindle device great, if not you can download free app to your PC, MAC, Blackberry, IPHONE, IPAD, Android, Windows Phone 7 here:

Offer #1: If you purchase this book by January, 31st, 100% of profits will go to (Please watch video if you have not already)

Offer #2: If you purchase book by January 31st, AND you write a review on amazon, you will eligible to attend a private/exclusive Webinar with me February. (Email Copy of receipt + review to

Offer #3: Social Media Sharing: Tweet, Facebook, Linked, Youtube, etc. I am going to pick the most inspiring “share” and purchase (1) Kindle Fire and ship to person for free. (Please share/spread the word!)

After you purchase the book (charity), read/study, write a review (Amazon), and share (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, etc.) with your friends, I trust and believe you will be totally convinced these Inbound Sales, Marketing, Recruiting principles CONVERT!

Until we connect online or offline, make it a great day,




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