What Is Your Recruiter Magic Bullet? [Inbound Recruiter Training]

http://www.inboundrecruiter.com/ Hello and good day! Brian, you Inbound Recruiter discusses the (3) “mission critical” components that has kept his firm at “top of mind” of his clients and candidates during this “so called” downturn.

* Technology: You must be on the cutting edge of technology!
Do you have a CRM/Email Marketing systems that works?
Do you use Video? (Youtube #2 search engineer)
Do you know your way around social media, and do you understand analytics?

* Sales/Marketing: You must have a sales and marketing system/process?
Do read books on sales/marketing daily?
Do you have a coach?
Do you know the latest/greatest tactics on influence/persuasion? (NLP)

* Magic Bullet: You must have a product/service that differentiates yourself from competition…
Do you have a niche you focus on?
Known for something extraordinary/recognizable in your industry? (Writer/Speaker/Author)
Is your product/service better for your customers?

In the end, your ‘MAGIC BULLET” is the key, and I will tell you why…

Technology and Sales/Marketing are strategies/tactics, however without a “MAGIC BULLET” you will not win in the “new economy”. After all, information is free, we all share the same Database, it is called the internet, so please get busy revolutionizing/innovating your product or service, and you will destroy you competitors!

Stay thirsty (hungry) my friend,

Your Inbound Recruiter Trainer,


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