Amazon Kindle Fire Review – Video [Inbound Recruiter]

In This VLOG, Brian, your Inbound Recruiter discusses, Amazon Kindle Fire for Sales/Recruiting professionals.

To put things in context, this is my first time entering the Kindle/Tablet/Nook/Ipad, etc. market for business use.

That being said, here are my TOP 5 reasons you should consider using for your sales/recruitment arsenal:

1) Access to web: My CRM/DB, Infusionsoft, analytics/Hubspot, etc.

2) Real time access to content: This is huge in a global war for talent.

3) Its not $599, or $699, its $199!

4) Kindle Prime access: $79/Year provides access to content for pennies.

5) Education, Education, Education: “Learners inherit the earth”.

Amazon Kindle Fire Review

Until we connect online/offline, enJOY your day!

Sincerely, Brian-

P.S. On, Inbound Recruiter was selected for 50 Best Blogs For Recruiters, so…THANK YOU!!!

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