(Inbound Recruiter) “Nothing to Lose Everything to Gain” Book Testimonial

http://www.johnstonsearch.com/inbound-recruiter-blog/ In this Video/Blog, Brian your Inbound Recruiter provides a glowing book testimonial for “Nothing to Lose Everything to Gain” http://www.nothingtolose.com/ by Ryan Blair.

Key Takeaways:

• “Compensation Drives Behavior” (I agree with this in Recruitment)
• “Focus On Chemistry” (External or Internal Recruiters need to understand this concept)

Additional Takeaways:

• “Honor Your Deals” (Integrity, Character and Honestly are key traits of Top Recruiters)
• “First Things First” (There is so much to do in recruitment, focus on your ROI)
• “Risk and Sacrifice” (How far are you willing to go/stretch to achieve greatness?”)
• “Pros and Cons of Home-Based Business” (For you solo recruiters, this chapter hits “home”)
• “Growing, Hiring, and Firing” (Essential subjects for leaders in recruitment industry)


Until we connect online/offline, enjoy your day, after all…. “IT’S ALL ABOUT RECRUITING!!!”

Best, Brian-

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