(Inbound Recruiter) Google+ Recruiter notes (Google Plus)

In this video, Brian your Inbound Recruiter discusses initial intuition on Google + platform for an Inbound Recruiter!

Please send me email to brian@johnstonsearch.com and I will send you an invite!!!

GOOGLE+ Inbound Recruiter NOTES:
• Overall very impressive after 2 week, and overall 10M users.
• Google + Deserves your Inbound Recruiter attention
• Why? Google is already #1 Search Engine, with #2 being You tube (Google owns you tube)
• Create Circles (Categories of your list/contacts)

Overall, I expect GOOGLE+ to takeoff, and be widely adopted by small-large business’s, especially in the recruiting world for SEO/Organic search strategies, so stay tuned for more update on this new tool!

Until you send me email to request Google+ invite, or we connect, enJOY your day!

Blessings, Brian-


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