Inbound Recruiter Book Contest: “You Are Not Alone”

Here is what I got for you: In this Video your Inbound Recruiter Expert reviews “The Millionaire Messenger, Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Advice”, by Expert Academy founder, Brendon Burchard and I am offering you his book for *free* (I pay shipping and handling) for your feedback in the form of a blog comment. (Picking one lucky person)

What does this book do for you? You will discover:

Your life story and experience have importance and market value
You are here to make a difference in the world
You can get paid for sharing your advice and information

Inbound Recruiter, Inbound Headhunter, Inbound Sales, Inbound Marketing

Does that make sense to you? Do you think it is possible?

I wonder if you recognize how powerful you are?

What is your next step?

Make a BOLD comment, then link up with me on,!/johnstonsearch ,, or subscribe to our blog!

Until we speak or connect online, enJOY your days!

Your Inbound Recruiter Expert,



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