Inbound Recruiter: List of My Favorite Recruiters/Industry Experts

Hello and good day!

I thought it woud be a great idea to share a list of remarkable recruiters/staffing thought leaders, I know personally, or “follow” intentionally, to gain inspiration, which has supported the Inbound Recruiter vision, (Get Found, Convert, Analyze.) Inbound Recruiter could not have been formed without each of these industry leaders “original thoughts” (innovation) and accomplishments in our field. (Order unimportant, They ALL ROCK!!!)

Lou Adler, The Adler Group

Ron Bower, Bower Consulting Group

Susan Burns, Talent Synchronicity

Rob Dromgoole, Recruiter

Todd Raphael, ERE Media

Dave Mendoza, SixDegreesFromDave

Shally Steckerl, Arbita

Kevin Wheeler, Global Learning Resources

Amybeth Hale, ERE Media

Jon Bartos, Jonathan Scott International

Scott Love, Great Recruiter Training

Bill Radin, Winning Strategies for Recruiters

Maureen Sharib, Techtrack

Nadia Gruzd, Placement University

Howard Adamsky, Employment Rage

Dr. John Sullivan, Talent Management Thought Leadership

Bill Vick, Boomer Next Step

employment screening

Do you follow the innovation of these Inbound Recruiter Industry Experts? Who would you add to the list?

Until we speak or connect online, enJOY your day!

Best, Brian-


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