How You Will Earn (2k) Before/During Holidays Referring Yourself/Friends… In this Video/Blog Your Expert Recruiter explains our firm’s “time-sensitive” offer until end of 2010! (*Please see disclaimer on bottom)

First off THANK YOU for your “Heartfelt” support of our firm in past, currently, and in future!
We are humbly on our way to doubling (2X) our revenue from last year, and want to “share” the profits!
As a token of our Appreciation, we are offering 2k (two-thousand dollars) referral fee should you refer YOURSELF, or a FRIEND, who ultimately receives an offer/accepts at one of our Remarkable Client Companies before end of year. (12/31/10)
Our Current HOT Openings: (But not, limited to…)
• Senior Firmware Storage Engineer (Northern, CA) (MAKE BULLET LINK)
• (2) Pre/Post Sales Systems Storage Engineers (Northern, CA)
• Storage Technical Support Engineer (Northern, CA)
• OEM Storage Account Manager (Northern, CA)
Medical Device:
• Cardiac Field Clinical Engineer (San Diego, CA County)
• Senior Class III Regulatory Affairs Specialist (Southern, CA)
• Class III Reliability Engineer (Southern, CA)
• Senior Electrical Test Engineer (Southern, CA)
• Senior Algorithm Developer (Southern, CA)
• Johnston Search, INC. Career Video Blog
Disclaimer: Johnston Search, INC. does NOT recruit/profit from employees, who currently work at our client companies, and we are not only under legal contract, we practice “best practices” in our Industry, which are in alignment with our “core values”. These Values are the cornerstone of our business, which are TRUST, and HONOR.
Until you request time to simply “chat” about your career, apply, or refer your friend, enJOY your day!
Best, Brian-


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