3 Quick Tips for working with Engineering Recruiter’s (Headhunter’s)

In this brief, but “Highly Valuable” post, Brian discusses (3) wise tips for dealing with Engineering Recruiter’s so, your time in NOT wasted…


1) Make them “Earn” your time (engagement):

Top Engineering Recruiter’s can earn in excess of 1M+ per year in a good economy (500k+ in bad economy), so make them “exert themselves” to connect with you. (If they are good they won’t give up easily)

2) Study “social media footprint (reach):

Top Engineering recruiter’s are “highly networked” in various social networks, and I recommend “googling” them for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Youtube. Chances are, if they are connected to “thought leaders” in our industry, they will have connections to hiring managers/CXO’s level’s, which ultimately make hiring decisions.

3) Qualify there Accomplishments (results)

Top Engineering recruiter’s are transparent, and humble about their success. I recommend you asking these simple questions.

How many placement have you made this Year?

How many placements have you made in the last quarter?

What industries do you have the most placements in? (Verticals)

I trust these three simple tips will help you when you engage with a Headhunter, and save you time!


Until we connect or you refer your friends, enJOY your day!

Your Engineering Recruiter,



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