5 Questions to ask YOURself before your leave your job!

http://www.johnstonsearch.com/blog/ In this Video/Blog I will discuss the “prudent questions” or “mindset” you must choose to have when considering a new career opportunity. If you address the common areas applicants “struggle with”, you will be able to make an educated decision and keep your career trajectory in alignment with your long term goals.
• Career/Growth: Does this new position expand YOUR Career? (Professionally)
• Work/Life Balance: Is this employment opportunity in alignment with goals (Personally)
• Management/Team: Do I feel a “connection” or synergy with team?
• Company/Culture: Does this company share the same vision in team of tactics/strategy?
• Compensation/Benefits: Does the package compete with other similar grades/titles?
In Conclusion, I put Compensation/Benefits last on the list, because in my experience if a candidate leaves a job for money exclusively, typically the outcome is NOT GOOD! While Compensation MUST be “fair market value”, to assemble a well-informed career change, benefits or money NEVER replaces a Manager or Boss you despise, or Company culture that does not reflect your “core values”.
Until we connect, or you refer your TOP friends in need, enJOY your day!
Best, http://www.johnstonsearch.com/blog/


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