MUST: Napolean Hill quote

“Most great people have achieved their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.” (Napoleon Hill)


8 Responses to “MUST: Napolean Hill quote”

  1. Jay Michlin Says:

    Hi Brian,

    Compliments on your nice leadership book giveaway, a fitting year-end project.

    I’ll pass on the books since I have plenty to read already. I’m currently reading Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics, which I recommend.

    But this is a good opportunity for me to express some appreciation for your actively staying in contact and to wish you too a fine holiday season and a happy new year.


  2. Ravi Ananth Says:

    Seasons Greetings Brian, to you and your Family,
    What you are doing is very unique and “out of the box” and I commend you on your way of keeping in touch with people.

    My favorite poem by William Blake summarizes what we should all strive to experience:

    To see the World in a grain of Sand
    and Heaven in a wild Flower
    to hold Infinity in the Palm of your Hand
    And eternity in an Hour.

    All the best for the New Year,


    • bkjrecruiter Says:

      Thanks Ravi… That is a GREAT Poem… (right up my alley!) I am saving it to my evernote account….

      It was great seeing you the other day!

      Best to you and your gorgeous family!

      Best, Brian-

  3. George Iavicoli Says:

    Hey Brian,

    All is well and I wish the same to you. For the book drawing, I’d prefer A New Earth-Awakening to Your Lifes Purpose (Eckhart Tolle).

    Have a great holiday!

    George Iavicoli

  4. Ramon Dehoyos Says:

    Hi Brian:
    I concur with others that your strong desire to help others, by sharing good knowledge, is commendable.
    We all must try different things, get out of our routines, view the world from different perspectives. Some wise fellow once said: If you do the same things that you always do, you will get the same things that you always got. Another one said. Knowledge is power, enthusiasm turns on the switch.
    Ramon Dehoyos

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