HUSH!! “Create (JVP) JOB Value Proposition”

Hello and hope your day is fantastic!

As you know I am a 3rd party Search Recruiter (Headhunter)

When I am evaluating if  I  will take on a search assignment with existing or new client I qualify, qualify, and qualify, some more.

Why you may ask?  As a contingent recruiter I WILL NOT work on a search, nor allow emotions to get involved, unless the company provides compelling, “reasons to work the search”.

Here is how I create a Job Value Proposition, by asking direct questions to Client.

  1. Why would the finest employee want this job?
  2. What are upward mobility opportunities?
  3. Why is this (Job) better than competing jobs?
  4. What are differentiators on your product/brand?
  5. What is overall VISION for this job?

If it is a struggle to retrieve this information from the client either 1) The job is “no bueno!” for (top performer) or 2) Your recruiting skills set and/or relationship with the client is below average.

Thanks for your time and attention in reading this post!

Have a Extraordinary day!




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