Attention: Why Your use of Recognition TERMS on Resume WINS!

Hello and good day to all (HAPPY FRIDAY)

This recruitng career has taken me from ZERO experience with a degree and a friend from High School referral (If it was not for LISA W., I  likely I would not be in this industry), to owning, and operating my own boutique staffing firm. (BLISS!)

I have made over 225+ hires, and been through ALOT of scenarios that have worked out well for me and a “few” not so well.  (EX.  You hire someone  at your client, they don’t show up the first day… UGH!  Not a fun call to accept on Monday morning from your client!)

One thing I have learned, and it has taken me 10+ years to learn this, is that the VERY BEST EMPLOYEES, behave differently that AVERAGE employees.

One quick tip to differentiate through all the noise is RECOGNITION TERMS (On resume/But make sure you qualify, qualify, qualify!)

Some Examples:

Speaker, Laude, 100%, Scholarship, Whitepaper, Author, Publications, Published, Commission, GPA, Award, Patent, Top, Dean, Eagle, Society, Presentation, Club, Fellow, Promoted, Chair, Volunteer, Charity, etc etc.

If I could teach one thing to someone coming in “green”, is to align your entire desk with the people who have been “RECOGNIZED” in there career. (It is not a fluke!)

Hope that helps, and have a EXTRAORDINARY DAY!




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