SCREAM!!! Your “FREE Guide/Tips/ROI” Working with Headhunter/Recruiter on Job/Employment Search

Hello and good day!

From time to time a candidate will ask me qualifying questions (Clients ALWAYS do!) upfront about our client base, how long I have been in the business, etc.

I LOVE it when they do because it provides a platform for me provide “social proof” of my accomplishments, furthermore separates what I do, and have done (Track record), compared to my competition. (Well over 200 hires as 3rd party recruiter)

So…  I want to share some qualifying questions with candidates, so when they are approached by a 3rd party recruiter/headhunter they know what to ask!

  1. How long have you been working as a 3rd party recruiter? (Amazing how many people come/go in this industry)
  2. Does your firm have a signed fee/terms agreement with company you are sending my resume to? (If they don’t be cautious!)
  3. What is you average placement fee? (This a good question, because fee ranges from 20-30% first year salary for contingent TPR)
  4. How many placements have you made in your career? Last year? Last quarter? Last month? (Results speak louder than words)
  5. Do you work in a specific vertical or niche? (Focused recruiters are the ones who are “big billers” and who you want to align with!)
  6. Do you LOVE you career? (It is interesting when you ask people this question, if they have passion, they answer quickly!)

Working with 3rd party recruiter’s can be a GREAT experience if you qualify the recruiter and/or firm upfront!

Happy JOB Hunting!


Brian Johnston

Johnston Search, INC.

Recruiting Consultant








4 Responses to “SCREAM!!! Your “FREE Guide/Tips/ROI” Working with Headhunter/Recruiter on Job/Employment Search”

  1. Morris Hardin Says:

    Great questions. A few of them I would have never thought to ask. This message is definitely something I will print out and keep in my interview folder.

  2. Roger Says:

    So… What answers would you give to the questions you suggest are important to ask?

    • bkjrecruiter Says:

      Roger- Great to hear from you!
      1) I have nearly 12 years as a 3rd party recruiter
      2) I have signed fee/terms agreements with all my clients
      3) My AVG placement is 28k
      4) I work in Medical Devices, Media/Broadcast, and Data Storage
      5) I LOVE what I do for a living…

      Please let me know if you have additional questions?

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