Your How to guide to Finest Employees Job Search/Change Criteria (Extreme performers MOTIVATIONS!)

Hope your day is Extraordinary,

There are several keys components the finest employees across the globe consider when looking at a new career change or shift.

Top Seven:

1) Trusted Advisor’s: The BEST always retrieve insight from there loved ones, Executives, Colleagues, etc

2) Company/Culture: The BEST are seeking a culture that offers autonomy for unique growth, and a culture that is futuristic!

3) Work/Life Balance: The BEST realize that a happy home makes a happy employee, and a happy employer, even if it means taking PTO.

4)  Career (not a job!): The BEST are seeking career advancement; they are NOT looking for a paycheck! (Big distinction for the best)

5)  Compensation: The BEST recognize they are accomplish at high level and deserve FMV for there contribution, but it’s NOT #1 priority!

6)  Security: The BEST are highly calculated in all areas of there lives, including but not limited to careers.  (They seek stable situations)

7:  Management/EXEC/Team: Simply put the BEST on the GLOBE will NOT go to work for you if your team is/are not innovators!

MISC:  If you are looking for top people, they will have Awards, Patents, Honors, Publication, etc.

Thanks for your time and have a FANTASTIC day!


Brian Johnston

Johnston Search, INC.

Recruiting Consultant






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2 Responses to “Your How to guide to Finest Employees Job Search/Change Criteria (Extreme performers MOTIVATIONS!)”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Very good list, thank you.

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