Search Recruiter’s first BLOG entry….

Hello and good day!

My name is Brian Johnston, and I am 3rd party recruiter, with well over 200 hires in my career.

I love what I do, and people ask me all the time what are the main criteria you focus on to continue to billing at high level?

This is what I ALWAYS tell them:

1) VOLUME (activity) Make a TON of targeted outbound calls everyday (email is effective but do NOT let it seduce you!)

2) Fees: I will NOT discount my fees as long as the ability to search, screen, recruit, and close TOP candidates stays the same. (In ANY market TOP people are working)

3) Increase Effectiveness on all calls: I/We don’t take NO for an answer, (No means…”I need more information”) I always am trying new way to be effective in all media’s (Phone, Email, F2F, etc)

Hopefully that is helpful…..

Have a GREAT DAY….

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Brian Johnston
Johnston Search, INC.
Recruiting Consultant
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The point of power is right now…



2 Responses to “Search Recruiter’s first BLOG entry….”

  1. Robert Burkey Says:

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the info you put on your blog. I look forward to working with you and keeping up with your blog.


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